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Poster: jory2 Date: Sep 12, 2011 4:33pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Help Please

Do you even consider, if just for a moment, that uploads are being uploaded to the internet?
Going out on a limb here, I would feel safe in saying that you are not a copyright owner who's property was illegally used on the internet? Have you ever tried to get your content removed after it's been illegally uploaded?
Are you aware of the fee's involved with DMCA agent services, legal services, the time invested and energy spent having to almost validate what is clearly written in the Copyright/ DMCA Acts.
"If it is copyrighted, the moderators will remove the copyright materials." by that time the horse has left the barn, and you find that fair?
The internet has given rise to a whole new breed of hoarders. Most people see all content as free to copy 'n' paste distribute and use. Some even think if there's no visible copyright on the content it's not copyright protected. Some go as far to think websites on the internet are all "fair-use". Where the hell else does a website publish content if not on the net? How does anyone come to conclude that the internet is void of legal copyright protected material's?
Have you never seen the disclaimer; "Found on the net therefore assumed to be public domain."?
Striking a balance between copyright owner and internet user has been one hell of an up-hill battle. Not because the laws aren't clear, or that people can't read.
Why there is still so much piracy is a mystery to me and many of the people I work with.
I've sat through a few court cases for claims of copyright infringements, "I didn't know" won't work, "fair use" does not apply to some content, "I didn't see a copyright notice" is not valid either.
I am not "Doug" nor am I pointing to the sky claiming rain may be coming.
When people are in a court faced with copyright infringement the storm has already hit.